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The IIRW originated from the Wafer Level Reliability Workshop, which was initiated in 1982 through the efforts of O. D. "Bud" Trapp, of Technology Associates, and the financial support of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to foster the approach of introducing reliability characterizations at the wafer level. Also involved were The Stanford University Integrated Circuits Laboratory and the University of California, Berkley, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Financial support by DARPA continued for the first eight years of the workshop. Bud Trapp was able to continue the operation of the workshop only until early 1992 when he asked Harry Schafft (then the new Chair of the IRPS Board of Directors) to assume responsibility for the workshop. With fellow IRPS Board member Pat Kennedy to lead the arrangements and operation of the workshop, a Technical Advisory Committee to represent the interests of the reliability community, and the oversight of IRPS, the workshop was transformed, within two years, into a self-sustaining technical meeting with IEEE sponsorship. In 1993, the name of the workshop was changed to the Integrated Reliability Workshop to reflect the importance of integrating the approach of building-in reliability in the design, processing, and manufacture of semiconductor products.

A collective table of contents for searching titles and authors of technical papers published from 1992 through 2012.

YearGeneral ChairTechnical Program ChairArchive
2014Tibor GrasserJason RyanIIRW 2014
2013Jason CampbellTibor GrasserIIRW 2013
2012Andrew TurnerJason CampbellIIRW 2012
2011Rolf GeilenkeuserAndrew TurnerIIRW 2011
2010Chadwin YoungRolf GeilenkeuserIIRW 2010
2009Guoqiao TaoChadwin YoungIIRW 2009
2008Patrick M. LenahanGuoqiao TaoIIRW 2008
2007Yuan ChenPatrick M. LenahanIIRW 2007
2006John F. Conley, Jr.Yuan ChenIIRW 2006
2005Rolf-Peter VollertsenJohn F. Conley, Jr.IIRW 2005
2004Alvin StrongRolf-Peter VollertsenIIRW 2004
2003Gennadi BersukerAlvin StrongIIRW 2003
2002Linda M. HeadGennadi BersukerIIRW 2002
2001Andreas MartinLinda M. HeadIIRW 2001
2000William R. TontiAndreas Martin

IIRW 2000


Eric S. SynderWilliam R. Tonti

IIRW 1999

1998Raif S. HijabEric S. SnyderIIRW 1998
1997James W. MillerRaif S. HijahIIRW 1997
1996Cleston R. MessickJames W. MillerIIRW 1996