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IIRW 2013

has been held October 13-17, 2013. Have a look at the 2013 workshop attendees group picture!

Foreword by Jason Campbell

I am truly honored to present the final report for the 2013 IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop (IIRW). Its pages hold the thoughts and conjecture of the world’s device reliability experts. I am confident that it provides a current snapshot of the most troubling reliability problems as well as a litany of ways to measure, quantify, and mitigate their effects on modern integrated circuits. Though the author contributions are responsible for the bulk of this publication, it would not be possible without (1) a small group of tireless and committed members of the IIRW management team, (2) the dedicated and inviting folks at the Stanford Sierra Camp Conference Center, and (3) our devoted and enthusiastic friends at SAR associates.

This year’s technical program was brimming over with thoughtful content which included a strong contributed component (both oral and poster presentations), a strong tutorial program, and an exhaustive invited component which featured presentations from the elite of the device reliability world. Considering IIRW’s unique conference environment and format, this year’s technical program proved to be an excellent forum for thoughtful discussions by all attendees.

The conference “took-off” with a Sunday evening discussion delivered by Dr. James Lloyd which was the perfect way for the conference to “take flight.” The technical program began in earnest Monday morning with an excellent keynote address given by Dr. Anthony Oates. Prof. Tibor Grasser assembled a tremendous technical program that was an exemplary balance of breadth and depth. The proceeding pages hold summaries of this fine technical discourse which range in topics from the front end to the back end along with an exciting detour to explore some trending device reliability topics in compound devices, circuit reliability, and resistive memory. The strong tutorial program was interspersed throughout the technical program to provide some background and deeper understanding where needed. Finally, this report comes to a close with summaries of the evening discussion groups which were, as always, the best way to flush out all of the interesting work presented at this year’s workshop.

As evidenced by this report, the 2013 IIRW provided a technically fulfilling few days. However, one cannot recall their IIRW experience without visions of the delightful Stanford Sierra Camp and the surrounding mountains. This hallowed place has provided an opportunity to forge new technical ideas, further rework bad ideas, and most importantly to form friendships with colleagues from around the world. Quite often the most useful IIRW conversations do not occur with slides or flip charts, but instead with a nice meal in the dining hall or a walk in the mountains. This aspect (the ideal environment of learning and sharing) is often overlooked, but it is IIRW’s greatest asset. I consider myself extremely fortunate to help steer the direction of IIRW over this past year. And I am hopeful that many of you will flip through this report and think back on the fond memories you made at the 2013 IIRW.

Jason Campbell
General Chair, 2013 IIRW


New for 2013:  A Shuttle bus from SFO to SSCC could be reserved during online registration. Limit first 21. Three spots left as of Oct. 9. On Sunday, the 13th, everyone was to meet at Starbucks/Terminal 2 at least 20 minutes before 1:00 pm departure.