Fallen Leaf Lake

Discussion Groups

If you desire to discuss a certain topic, please contact the DG chair, Wayne Ellis, Rambus, wellis(!at)rambus.com, especially if you would be willing to volunteer to moderate the discussion of that topic. If we do not have enough people interested in a newly proposed topic it is still possible to form a special interest group.

Preliminary Schedule

Discussion Groups (as of Oct. 10th)

1.) Quality and Reliability considerations for CMO Image sensors;

          — Daniel Van Blerkom, Forzilla

          — Schedule for now on Tuesday (7:00—9:00)

2.) FEOL1;

          — Chad Young, University of Texas (Dallas)

          — Schedule for on Tuesday (7:00—9:00)

3.) Resistive Memories:

          — Luca Larcher, University of Modena, Italy

          — Tuesday (7:00—9:00)

4.) BEOL Reliability;

          — Jim Lloyd, Albany Nano-center

          — Wednesday (7:00—9:00)(preliminary)

5.) FEOL2;

          — Bill McMahon, GlobalFoundries

          — Schedule for on Wednesday (7:00—9:00)