Fallen Leaf Lake

Travel Information

Shuttle Service from San Francisco Airport to Stanford Sierra Conference Center

NOTE: we are still determining if we will offer a shuttle bus service for IIRW 2017.

Individual Travel

The Stanford Sierra Conference Center is located at the far end of Fallen Leaf Lake, several miles from South Lake Tahoe. The nearest major airport is the Reno International Airport. Flight arrangements into Reno can be made through the IEEE World Travel. Driving time from the Reno airport to the Stanford Sierra Conference Center is approximately two hours. Transportation is available from Reno International Airport to the South Lake Tahoe terminus at Horizons Casino via the South Tahoe Express. With a scheduled request, (see http://www.stanfordsierra.com/shuttle) Stanford Sierra Conference Center will provide transportation from the Casino to the Conference Center.

Travel Arrangements and Discounts

If you are flying contact IEEE World Travel to check rates by calling 1-800-879-4333 (US and Canada) and 1- 717-556-1100 (International) or check http://www.ieee.org/travel. Special car rental rates are available at http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/services/travel/car_rental.html

Travel between Reno and South Lake Tahoe

The South Tahoe Express runs a shuttle to/from Reno and South Lake Tahoe with multiple departure times. and the travel time is approximately 2 hours one way. The shuttle costs $29.75 each way ($53.00 round trip).  Tickets can be purchased at the South Tahoe Express counter located in the baggage area in the Reno airport. Check www.southtahoeexpress.com to access the self-serve ticketing system and verify schedules that are seasonal and subject to change or call 866-89-TAHOE or +1 775 325-8944).  Travel to/from the conference center and South Lake Tahoe must also be scheduled and is described in the next section. 

Travel between South Lake Tahoe and Stanford Sierra Conference Center

You must schedule this final leg of the shuttle to the conference center at least one week before your arrival. Stanford Sierra Conference Center offers courtesy transportation for conference attendees on the Registration Day (Sunday), and return trips are offered on the last day of the conference. If you are planning on using the South Tahoe Express, please notify Stanford Sierra Conference Center through http://www.stanfordsierra.com/shuttle at least ONE WEEK prior to your arrival date. Please note the specific pick-up/drop-off times and locations, and purchase the South Tahoe Express tickets accordingly. If you find yourself stranded, please call the Conference Center at 530-541-1244. The IIRW Arrangements Committee may be able to provide emergency service to and from the South Lake Tahoe casinos. For more information, visit http://www.stanfordsierra.com/explore-stanford-sierra/location