While attending IRW 2001, you will have the opportunity to view the latest IEEE Reliability Society and IEEE Educational Activities sponsored training material. The products that will be available to view are:

"Accelerated Stress Testing," which is available on CD-ROM and NTSC video.
From this product you will learn: Why you need to do Accelerated Stress Testing; How to do Accelerated Stress Testing; Examples of benefits.
"MEMS Performance & Reliability," which is available on video (NTSC and PAL).
Important topics covered in this video include: How to make valid performance and reliability measurements; The importance of using optimized drive signals in achieving high reliability of MEMS actuators; How design, performance, and reliability are related in MEMS; The physics behind the failure mechanisms observed.
"Oxide Wearout, Breakdown, & Reliability," which is available on video (NTSC and PAL).
From this video you will: Review the evolution of concepts related to ever thinner oxides; Study models used to describe the processes during the wearout/breakdown process; Learn about other literature regarding oxide as it ages; Preview future developments in this field.

Don't miss this opportunity to view these educational materials at IRW!