2001 Reference Information

2001 Program Announcement (pdf- ~600 KB rev 9/13/01 with addition of late breaking papers)

Special Feature: Training Tapes description that were available for viewing Wednesday afternoon at IRW 2001

Special Conference Report by Bill Tonti

Picture Album - Reno to Fallen Leaf Lake
Picture Album - Camp Photos - Attendees, Presentors, Committee
Picture Album - Photo Ops Back to Reno Thanks to Bill Tonti
Also higher resolution & gray scale 2001 Camp Photos (from Tonti)

Registration/cost information

2001 Author/Presenter Info

2001 IRW CALL FOR PAPERS : pdf screen version ; pdf print version

From 2001 IRPS Closing:
IRW 2001 Technical Program Chair, Linda Head calls for submissions (mp3 file) to IRW 2001