IIRW 2006 Discussion Groups




1) High-k Dielectrics (2 nights)

Chad Young, Sematech

Evgeni Gusev, Qualcomm

2) NBTI (2 nights)

Sufi Zafar, IBM


3) Product Reliability (2 nights)

Andrew Turner, IBM

Mark Porter, Medtronics

4) Interconnects (2 nights)

To be announced


Another discussion group (DG) may be added if there is sufficient interest in a certain topic. If you desire to discuss a certain topic, please indicate on the registration form and also contact Dr. Pat Lenahan (DG Chair) pmlesm(!at)engr.psu.edu, especially if you would be willing to volunteer to moderate the discussion of that topic. If we do not have enough people interested in a newly proposed topic it is still possible to form a special interest group (SIG see SIG page). Pat will let you know whether an additionally proposed topic has potential to become DG or SIG.