October 14-18, 2012
Stanford Sierra Conference Center, Fallen Leaf Lake, CA

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Foreword by Andrew Turner                   


I am honored to present this Final Report of the 2012 IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop (IIRW). It is the culmination of a truly successful year for the Workshop, one that could not have been accomplished without the small group that makes up the management committee or from the help from our friends at Stanford Sierra Camp and SAR Associates.

Our time at the Camp was a busy one in deed, with 30 oral presentations, 24 poster presentations, and 6 full tutorials. I recognize that this body of work is often the result of years of discovery and hard work and I thank everyone for looking to IIRW to be the sounding board for getting your results out to the world.

The conference started on Sunday night after dinner with an invited talk given by Dr. William Knowlton on DNA Nanotechnology. This was a very enjoyable presentation on a topic I expect to be hearing more about in the future. The technical program was kicked off by the keynote address, given by Dr. James Stathis, setting the tone for the workshop. Jason Campbell successfully put together one of the broadest technical programs that I can remember. This included the expected BTI, BEOL, and Hi-K plenary sessions. It also included sessions on resistive memory, advanced gate stacks, circuits/product reliability, PID, and III-V devices. The tutorials were paired well with the topics and the discussion groups were full of fruitful discussion. In summarizing our time at IIRW, we often ignore the "white spaces" in the schedule, such as meal times and after the discussion groups, but frequently this is where I experienced the most beneficial conversations.

With the technical program running on schedule and the weather being sunny, there were no excuses for not getting outside and going for a walk. During our free time Wednesday afternoon there was some that took the short stroll to Lily Lake, some went further up, past the Glen Alpine trail head onto Desolation Wilderness to see Cathedral Lake, and some going all the way up to Mount Tallak (9,739ft/2,968m). Some stuck around the camp for a sailboat, kayak, or paddle boat ride. And others took the opportunity just relax and enjoy the view. Luckily all were back safely to share in dinner.

Again, thanks to all the participants and to the management committee for making this year a success. I hope everyone enjoys the Final Report for 2012. For next years workshop, you will find the call for papers in Final Report, and other details at


Drew Turner,
            2012 IIRW General Chair