Fallen Leaf Lake

Sunday Night Talk

Do to a last minute family medical emergency, our Sunday Night Tutorial speaker, David Laws, of the Computer History Museum, will not be able to attend.  We wish him and his family well, and hope he will be able to give his talk at a future IIRW.


We will instead be showing the documentary "Transistorized!" which presents a history of the invention of the transistor.




David Laws

Computer History Museum

Silicon Valley: A Century of Entrepreneurial Innovation

The entrepreneurial, technology-driven roots of today’s Silicon Valley can be traced to the area around the Stanford University campus in the early 1900s where work in radio communications led to a succession of new technologically-based business ventures. This brief history of a century of entrepreneurial innovation describes electronic hardware developments that turned into sustainable businesses and changed the world.

David Laws is semiconductor curator at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. He worked in Silicon Valley semiconductor companies, including Fairchild Semiconductor and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), in roles from engineer to CEO for more than 40 years. Now retired, he writes on topics from the pioneering days of the chip industry, to visiting gardens, to Steinbeck Country.