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Joe McPherson

McPherson Reliability Consulting, LLC

Brief History of Reliability Physics Efforts in the Electronics Industry

Dr. J.W. McPherson holds a PhD degree in Physics from Florida State University. He is recognized internationally as an expert in Reliability Physics & Engineering. He has published over 200 papers on reliability, authored the Reliability Chapters for 4 Books, awarded 20 patents, and holds the title of Texas Instruments Senior Fellow Emeritus. He was a past General Chairman of the IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium and still serves on its Board of Directors. In 2006, he was the Chairman of the International Sematech Reliability Council. Joe is an IEEE Fellow and Founder/CEO of McPherson Reliability Consulting, LLC. His semiconductor reliability expertise includes device-physics, design-in reliability, wafer-level reliability testing, and assembly-related issues. Several of the reliability models that are used today in the semiconductor industry are closely associated with his name. Most recently Dr. McPherson authored a reliability textbook that is widely used by students and practicing engineers: Reliability Physics and Engineering, Springer Publishing, 2010 with 2nd Edition appearing in 2013.