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Reliability Experts Forum

The International Integrated Reliability workshop (IIRW), the IEEE Reliability Society and the IEEE Electron Device Society (EDS) are pleased to announce the 2nd “Reliability Experts Forum” which will be held on Tuesday, October 15th as part of the IIRW 2019 technical program, which is taking place at the Stanford Sierra Conference center, South Lake Tahoe, USA, from October 13th to 17th.


At the IIRW 2018, “Reliability Experts Forum” was introduced to the conference. It was an attempt to bring top reliability experts in the transistor reliability to one platform leading to very invigorating discussions. Building on the success of the forum, this year, we are extending the topic of the forum to “Memory technology and Reliability”. The event is expected to be participated by world experts as panelists and participants. The goal is to have a discussion on Memory architecture and requirements, device concepts and Reliability challenges for current as well as emerging memory technologies.


The 1-day event consists of three panel discussions covering different topics including, Conventional memory reliability, Emerging memory reliability concepts and challenges, and how it applies to Neuromorphic Computing for deep learning. The names of the moderators and panelists will be published here on August 15th. For additional information, please contact any member of the organizing committee.




Panel#1: Conventional Memory Reliability -- Moderator: Baozhen Li


1. Barry O'Sullivan (IMEC): DRAM peripheral devices reliability

2. Cristian Zambelli (Univ. Ferrara): 3D NAND Reliability

3. Tanya Nigam (Globalfoundries): SRAM Scaling and Advanced Nodes



Panel#2: Emerging Memory Reliability -- Moderator: Andrew Kim


1. Luca Larcher (Univ. Modena): RRAM Reliability

2. K. L. Pey (SUTD): RRAM Characterization

3. Richard Southwick (IBM): MRAM Reliability

4. K. L. Pey (SUTD): MRAM Reliability Assessment

5. K.P. Cheung (NIST): Polymer-based Glassy Electret RAM



Panel#3: Emerging Memory Reliability and Neuromorphic Application-- Moderator: Andreas Kerber


1. Chandra Mouli (Micron): Emerging Memory Reliability Challenges.

2. Ed Cartier (IBM): Reliability Requirement for Artificial Intelligence

3. Gennadi Bersuker (Aerospace corp.): RRAM in Neuromorphic Applications

4. Subramanium Iyer (UCLA): Charge-Trap Memory in Advanced Nodes and Neuromorphic Applications.