Sunday Night Tutorial

Resilient and Cyber Secure Public Utility Infrastructure

Mohammed Ben-Idris

University of Nevada

Keynote Talk

JWST System Architecture and Science Performance: a function of parts selection, qualification, protection and performance

Julie Van Campen


Tutorial Program

Tutorial#1: Memory Technology: Reliability Challenges and Future Perspectives

Attilio Belmonte


Tutorial#2: Reliability of Energy-Efficient Phase Change Memory Based on Novel Superlattices and Nanocomposites

Asir Intisar Khan

Stanford University

Tutorial#3: Brief Introduction to Device and Circuit Reliability

Ben Kaczer


Tutorial#4: 22FDX® RF/mm Wave Reliability

Mahesh Siddabathula


Invited Speakers

Progress in GaN Power Device Technology and Reliability

Davide Bisi

Transphorm Inc.

Reconciliation of Power Law and E Dependencies of TDDB: Towards a Universal Model of Dielectric Breakdown

Andrea Padovani

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Circuit-Level Insights of Soft Errors and Aging Degradations

Kazutoshi Kobayashi

Kyoto Institute of Technology

From Device Reliability to Circuit Qualification: an Overview and some Challenges

Florian Cacho

ST Microelectronics

On Ageing of On-Chip Voltage Regulators

Saibal Mukhopadhyay

Georgia Institute of Technology

Plasma-Induced Damage: Modeling and Characterization

Koji Eriguchi

Kyoto University

Reliability Challenges of SiC Power MOSFETs

Michael Waltl

Technische Universität Wien

Discussion Groups

DG#1: In-Memory Computing

Chair: Francesco Maria Puglisi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

DG#2: Circuit Reliability

Chair: Ben Kaczer, imec

DG#3: Plasma-Induced Damage

Chair: Andreas Martin, Infineon

Reliability Experts Forum

Panel#1: Electrostatic Discharge/Latch-Up

Moderator: Suresh Uppal, Rivos Inc.

Ann Concannon

Texas Instruments

Vadim Kushner

Skywater Technologies

Julie Van Campen


Panel#2: Packaging Reliability

Moderator: Suresh Uppal, Rivos Inc.

Subramanian Lalgudi

Siemens Digital Industry Software

Jim Faull


Jian Li