Gennadi Bersuker

The Aerospace Corp., United States

Degradation of scaled devices: from analog to digital description

Biography: Gennadi Bersuker focuses on the physical and electrical characterization and reliability of microelectronic devices employed in various space-related applications. Prior to joining The Aerospace Corporation, he has been a Fellow of SEMATECH working on development and characterization of advanced technology devices, in particular, scaled transistors, high-k gate stacks, non-volatile and charge trapping memories, III-V and 2D logic among other programs, with the goal to identify materials atomic/structural features affecting device electrical parameters. He is the Editor of IEEE Transactions on Device Materials and Reliability and has been involved in organizing, chairing, or serving as a committee member in a number of technical conferences, including IRPS, IEDM, APS, IRW, etc. He has published over 450 papers on the semiconductor processing and reliability and electronic properties of dielectrics.