Any COVID-19 restrictions or regulations will be posted upon receipt from Stanford Sierra Camp.

Registration fee

The Stanford Sierra Camp offers lodging for attendees in rustic cabins that have two bedrooms, one bathroom, and in about half of the cabins, a common area.  Bedrooms have either two single beds or one queen size bed.  Common areas have two single beds, so those cabins can accommodate larger families (for an added fee).  Cabins have beautiful views of Fallen Leaf Lake and/or the surrounding mountains.

IIRW Registration fee covers the cost of lodging, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening social drinks), tutorials, discussion groups, the Reliability Experts Forum, and the technical program for the whole duration of the conference 

Attendee Fee

Attendee Fee covers the cost of lodging in a Shared Cabin.

Shared Cabin - This is the standard lodging option (used in all previous years).  Attendees have their own bedroom in a two bedroom cabin.  The bathroom and common area are shared by both attendees.

Additional Fee

IIRW is offering transportation from San Francisco Airport (SFO) to Stanford Sierra Conference Center. The shuttle departs from SFO (to Stanford Sierra Conference Center) at 2 P.M., and from Stanford Sierra Conference Center (to SFO) at 1 P.M. The cost of this optional service is $280. This option is space limited and all reservations are first come, first serve. All registrants that are interested in this option are advised to complete your registration as soon as possible.

Lodging Options Fee

Private Cabin - a cabin may be reserved for a single attendee, or an attendee with one or more guests (in the case of attendee with one or more guests, in addition to Private Cabin fee, a fee for each guest is also charged). Up to five guests plus attendee (six total occupants) will be accommodated in a single cabin (one and only one cabin). The cabin will be reserved for the attendee and guests only.  Guests may not participate in the technical sessions of the workshop, but have full access to facilities at Stanford Sierra Camp, including all meals. PRIVATE CABIN SOLD OUT

These additional options are space limited and all reservations are first come, first serve. Please do not delay if you are interested in one of these options.